Caring for Japanese Guests: Hospitality


The course is designed to upskill your teams at ground level across all departments:
Sales, Front Desk, Reservations, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping.

The course is based on real experiences, carefully crafted in collaboration with professionals from the Japanese tourism sector. Register for this course to protect your property against the risk of consumer penalties arising from changes which break Japanese travel law.

What are the benefits?


It is simple and fun to take

The general flow of the course is very friendly, clear, nicely illustrated and very easy to navigate. Your staff will love it!


Builds Enduring Partnerships

Builds Enduring Partnerships with tour operators & OTAs specialising in the Japanese market.


Equips Staff

Equips staff with skills to understand cultural nuances and differences, that can be used to build empathy with other nationalities.


A Revenue Generator

Empowering your team to give a warm welcome to Japanese guests & earning the property a positive reputation on the market.


A Revenue Saver

Preventing issues at the source.


Generates additional income

Generates additional income from happy customers.


  • Welcome to the Caring for Japanese Guests: Hospitality Course
  • Why take this course?
  • Caring for Japanese Guests: Pre-arrival
  • Caring for Japanese Guests: Arrival
  • Caring for Japanese Guests: Stay
  • Caring for Japanese Guests: Departure

How your hotel can start benefiting from the course?

Very simple! First, pay now and register your property, and then we will ask for your user list. (£29 – per user, per month)



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