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LVG Destination Content Development

Times change and learning styles and business models evolve in line with technology and new human needs.

If you want to market your destination, you now have to promote it for a longer period and do result-oriented marketing.

Online destination training/learning arose from this need, it is essential to provide the user (seller) information that can be accessed at any time.

Would you like to learn how LVG develops custom content in a marketplace and ensures your sellability?

Destination Courses
destination courses
NTO’s, DMO’s, and CVB’s, is your current platform and content supporting B2B requirements?

Let’s Tell Your Story with B2B Innovative Destination Courses!

LVG Learning is an Interactive Learning Experience Platform to promote your destination differently. Empower B2B travel professionals with your Destination Learning Journeys developed using the latest instructional design strategies by instructional designers.

Destination Journey Modules can be developed for different regions or different concepts such as adventure, culture, leisure, culinary, MICE, sustainability, and more.







Go beyond the pdfs and websites and get an engaging instructional design

Content creation is collaborative. First we agree a plan, then you give us your content and we’ll reshape it into a user-friendly format for your B2B buyers. This saves workload for your staff.


Latest ed-tech instructional design approaches

Using the latest ed-tech instructional design approaches, we take on the heavy lifting of training, leaving you free to create inspirational communications.


Consistent user experience (UX)

Our Learning Experience Platform delivers a consistent user experience (UX) across all our courses carrying your unique messaging to sparkle with story-based content, quizzes and surprise questions.


Get all the data feedback you need

Who has taken the courses; time for completion. You get to immediately see how things are going.

The course design helps memorise detail and unlike a webinar is permanently on hand for professionals to revisit and refresh.

How will you test the benefits?



a free demo session to see the well-business-being goals.



your destination raw content with LVG Content Development team.



to the elite B2B community, where quality matters rather than quantity on the platform.



your brand with no limits, no hedge, no extra cost but country lounges, social walls!



time and money with the confidence of being at the right place.

Featured B2B, Innovative Destination Courses

Learning material is not a “one-off” like a webinar, it is permanent and
refreshers can easily be added


Are you ready to have an engaging destination course?

If you are not sure how you can get the benefits and which benefits suit you, please feel free to send an email or book a live demo!​ LVG consultants are ready to share more insiders and advantages about the LVG Learning Experience Platform.

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