A Learning Technology that Moves to Selling

LVG Learning is the world’s first Learning Experience Platform (LXP) created by tourism professionals for tourism and hospitality professionals.

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a tool which enables end users to capture, share and consume content and knowledge from internal and external sources through means of a personalised and continuously adaptive experience.

LVG Learning is the one and only Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in the global travel trade and it makes the world smaller by supporting buyers and suppliers to network and create business opportunities.




Tell Your Story with Innovative Destination Courses

Use the power of learning to educate & inspire B2B tourism professionals around the world.


Benefit from Power Skills Courses

Benefit from accessing an extensive library of Business & Soft Skill Courses. Upskill-reskill your people with the selected curriculums.


Connect to a “3-Sided Marketplace” through Inbound and Outbound Lounges

Join and engage with the global B2B audience through our virtual “lounges” created on the platform. The “lounges” are places where: buyers, sellers and tourism bodies can mingle virtually.

Invest in people and untap your potential by supporting suppliers, training travel trade buyers or staff development!

Platform Partner


Enocta Platform is a learning experience platform that streamlines your corporate academy’s digital transformation process in which you can plan, monitor and report your partners’ or vendors’ training and development processes.