How can I work out if this learning platform is effective (what are the KPIs I should be looking for?). How do you feedback results to me? Can I see an example?

LVG Learning will work with you to create a KPI dashboard that suits your corporate needs. Each client has a unique set of measurements for outcomes and outputs. We will tailor feedback to meet your needs. We will produce, in real time, a user* performance report. (*Suppliers, buyers provided by a client organisation)

Why is this better than competitor products?

We are not asking you to consider some untested technology. We use a well tried and trusted learning platform. We respect current training solutions on the market, but we are confident the LVG Learning approach is superior and could be evaluated under 3 angles:

1. Technology

LVG is an LXP (Learning Experience Platform), and it is not just a CMS (Content Management System)

2. Learning Experience

LVG has a content development team and its courses are designed by instructional designers followed the proven learning methodologies- we take your B2C contents and convert them to B2B.

3. Community

LVG provides all-in-one solution with social gathering tools.

What do you mean by technology? What is LXP?

This technology is a new, one and only in tourism sector. A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is a tool which enables end users (sellers, buyers, suppliers, stakeholders, employees) to capture, share and consume content and knowledge from internal and external sources through means of a personalised and continuously adaptive experience. LXPs allow and encourage users to have more autonomy over their learning (in contrast to the rigid and directed LMS).

What is Learning Experience? Why should I care?

You should care because “learning design” creates a high level of engagement, relevancy and information retention which your destination content deserves. LVG team has the capability of “learning design” that no other destination content providers can offer.
Learning is “a process that leads to change, which occurs as a result of experience and increases the potential for improved performance and future learning” (Ambrose et al, 2010, p. 3).
Learning experience design (LX design) is the process of creating learning experiences that enable the learner to achieve the desired learning outcome in a human centered and goal-oriented way.
Learning experience design is rooted in a combination of several design disciplines with the field of learning. Key design principles used in LXD come from interaction design, user experience design, experience design, graphic design and game design. These design principles are combined with elements of education, training and development, cognitive psychology, experiential learning, educational sciences and neuroscience.

What is online course development methodology? Do I really need it? I have website content already

It is very good to have a website content as a starting point. However, the methodology studies the learning process. It includes not only the course creation but also the organization of effective learning.
The methodology is a system that facilitates the education process. Without methodology, targeted users lose interest in the destination course or completely leave it. The steps (Known as ADDIE Model) we will go through with you in learning design of your contents will be as follows:
1. Analysis (Content and need)
2. Design (Raw content preparation (Organisation) Storyboarding (LVG))
3. Development (Interactivity and platform connection works)
4. Implementation (Uploading the course to LVG – LXP Platform)
5. Evaluation (User feedbacks, updates)


How much will this cost my Organisation?

We see staff development and engaging with B2B buyers as an investment not a cost. It’s
1) an investment in your staff and their development and
2) building better B2B relationships with existing and new overseas buyers.
You can start small with a nominal investment. As you see success, then you can grow your investment.

I don’t have a separate budget for something like this

We are not looking at a single transaction but rather developing a relationship with you. We can be flexible and help you create a business case for investing in this platform that you can present to your board/government/stakeholders when the time is right.

We understand that some Organisations cannot contract for more than one year at a time. We appreciate this and will work within your funding model requirements.

Several entities we are talking with see this as part of their post-Covid recovery activities, helping to reconnect with overseas buyers to build awareness, interest, and trust in a destination. We have a lot of experience of developing business strategies for Organisations and tourism businesses and would be pleased to discuss this with you, if helpful.

If it is helpful, we can undertake an online survey at no cost to you. The answers will help you better understand “What do your staff spend their time on?” “how’s your B2B engagement going?”, “what could be done better?”, etc. If this is of interest, please let us know. It’s a no-cost, no-obligation service.


Who is behind this company?

LVG Learning is a private limited company. The management team are all veterans of the visitor economy.

How long have you been trading?

The company was registered on 31st December 2019.

Do you have any company financial statements you can share with me?

We are at the start-up stage and have yet to declare financial performance.

Where are you based, and do I have to pay VAT?

We are a UK based company. UK VAT would be added, but then would be reclaimed. No VAT applies to clients outside the UK.

Data Ownership

I’m worried about GDPR, what controls do you have to reassure me?

We “control” and secures content data and fulfil all GDPR requirements. Any liability would be with LVG Learning.

Do I have to give LVG all my B2B contacts or are you providing the B2B audience?

We source B2B audiences. Our technical platform allows you, should you wish, to upload your data exclusively and privately on your “Lounge”. You can then track and engage with your existing contacts in this way.

Collaboration sits at the heart of our approach, and we would be pleased to discuss your target markets and how, jointly we can help you develop these markets.


How we will start?

As a first step, we will share the content analyses form to fill out. This form will guide our content developers during the project’s content development process.

Do my staff have to re-enter data into your template? How time consuming is this?

After you complete the form, we will request raw data to be shared using a template based on the answers you have given to the analysis form. It takes time depending on content size to create the raw content.

Who creates the content to populate the platform?

We take development responsibility for all course contents after you have submitted the raw content. We have senior content development team using content development methodology which possibly could not be handled by an organisation staff.

Can I use my destination’ brand campaign style guide?

We will consider the campaign colours, some wordings and visual standards while designing the course.

Flexibility is built into the system. Should you require a strong branding presence, this can be accommodated but will incur process costs. We can discuss the level of modification needed and associated pricing- the choice is yours.

What is “raw content”?

“Raw content” contains visuals, video links, videos, pdfs, texts collected by Organisations based on the targeted B2B audience information needs. (The content analysis form will guide you while preparing these contents.)

“Raw content” is in ppt format and so important to start for developing the B2B course. After you submit the raw content, we will start to design the content flow, questions, graphics design of each screen considering learning objectives and B2B content needs.

How can a course content be updated?

Text updates such as telephone numbers, names, short sentences that do not affect the content flow, made by us within 24 hours after you inform us. It is free of charge.

Why we handle your updates?

Because your contents are designed and deployed through a latest technology tool, it is not simple just like a copy-paste! You deserve the best, so we provide you the quality & sophisticated product to be maintained by the dedicated team. Any why do you spend your time with such things? We do it for you as you want, and you save time & effort at your team.

What happens if I need an urgent information update?

Don’t worry, this is one of the reasons why our “virtual inbound lounges” exist on the platform. The lounges are social learning places that “informal learning” happens. You can spread your urgent information, updates, regulations with just one click via “virtual lounges” so that your message drops into the mail box of the targeted lounge members. And members can easily ask a question to you via virtual lounges.

If this urgent update news affects our content and needs to be placed in the destination content, then we can easily update the destination content considering the content flow and design. It would take manxday effort depending on the updated content size volume.

How do I get my suppliers to be part of this? How can their content be included? Is it the Organisation job to gather content?

The more we all contribute the more impact your content will have. Collaboration is very important to us. For example, there is a module called “Hotels and Restaurants”. You can work with your supplier base to include accommodation supplier adverts and restaurant or attractions ads. These are priced separately and paid by the supplier or Organisation. We are happy to work with you on supplier recruitment. Using our joint manpower, we can build a community of suppliers working with you in developing your B2B relationships. This is a revenue opportunity for the Organisation working with us on a revenue split agreement.

If I get a supplier to sponsor my destination’s entry on the platform, can you give them special billing, e.g. banner ads?

Yes, but we would be careful not to disrupt the learning process. We deploy UIX and this offers 3 to 4 banner places.

What reassurance can you give me that your platform is robust and secure?

We include a clause in our agreement, along with data protection details. The Platform partner has a valid ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certificate.

Who will my staff be dealing with on a day-to-day basis?

Don’t worry, we will not be getting IT people involved! In summary your “account management team” would be:

• Marketing person, who is authorized to communicate with the travel trade
• Digital marketing person, who can manage the platform posts -as they do on social media
• Senior person, to oversee

Is this platform for a retail travel trade audience or the wholesalers overseas?

Both. The B2B audiences can be 1) owners, founders, GM of SMEs and 2) product, sales, operation heads and directors and staff of wholesalers.

My destination is part of a bigger regional/national destination. How does LVG’s approach help me?

The answer partly depends on your target market choices and how you currently work with other organisations. The matter of cooperation and competition between organisations is nothing new to us. We would be keen to sit down with you to better understand your specific situation to help construct a solution that meets your needs.

My main market are non-English speakers. What about foreign languages?

The LVG Learning platform is in English. Other languages present no problem since the underlying architecture can handle any language such a Chinese, Arabic and European languages. Following discussions with you about your target markets and content needs, we would quote for foreign language versions of your content.